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[15 May 2026|09:49am]
it's been exactly 20 years since harry potter defeated lord voldemort. with the dark lord long gone and the death eaters disbanded, wizard-kind is flourishing in peace. but they should have known that it wouldn't last forever. with the death of minister shacklebolt, whispers of a new dark movement are haunting london's magical occupants. the cause of death was ruled to be natural causes but rumor has it that there's been a cover-up in an effort to push this new but unknown dark movement into power. SPELLCASTING picks up shortly after kingsley's death. visit the rules to read more about the community.

adds: 6/3 [15 May 2025|02:15pm]

the process
to apply you must have an ic journal, an ic contact post and an ooc contact post. your contact posts should both be backdated. your ooc post should contain some basic details about your character. this includes their full name, age and birthday, bloodstatus, school and house (if applicable), occupation & wand information. you can include boggart and patronus information if it applies. when considering whether or not to give your character any special abilities you should refer to this page to see what is available. link us to your examples! do not pm them or post them in comments in the screened post. we want to see at least one full narrative & two scenes with at least 2 replies from you. it's not mandatory but we sugges posting to our ooc community to build connections for your character whether it's via school or work or something else altogether!

the application
character name: first & last
played by:
ooc post: link us
examples: link us here
request membership

[16 May 2023|08:31am]

screened contact

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